Education - Tue, 27 July, 2021

Coding for Kids: The Journey and The Achievements

Coding has slowly become an essential part of academic subject in the past few years. As we are moving towards a tech-driven future, the importance of coding will only increase with time. It is essential that kids learn this important skill from the very beginning of their academic lives to become successful later on in their lives. With that goal in mind, we at Upskill Classroom have been teaching Coding to kids as a part of our plan of promoting STEM education in Bangladesh.

Till now, our Classroom platform has successfully taught coding to 200+ kids. This is a milestone we are extremely proud of. The number is ever increasing with the introduction of new courses on coding to meet the increasing demand by parents and kids. Our coding courses are the most affordable and we also offer the highest number of coding courses in the market.

Our coding courses are designed in such a way that kids have fun while learning and also retain the most of what they learned. These courses give kids a basis for building an emotionally involving, engaging, and stimulating experience which they can apply in every sphere of their lives. To further ensure that, we bring extremely passionate and qualified teachers on board. One of our teachers won an international award by BSD Education by triumphing over other countries for teaching Coding on our platform. That speaks for the quality of teachers and the learning experience we provide. We use world-class coding platforms like BSD to provide the best tool available in the market. All these make up for one of the best learning experiences you can find anywhere.

We offer coding courses in languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python on our platform. Currently we have 12 different coding courses for grade 2-5. This year we started to offer coding courses in Bangla so that we are accessible to more students. Our team is constantly researching to ensure that kids are offered the best quality and the most up-to-date content.

Upskill Classroom has successfully completed one year of its journey. The team believes that with a new website and a bigger team, Classroom will keep providing the best content and learning experience in the market. We believe all of our courses including coding for kids will enhance the kids' skills and creativity and help them be better prepared for the future.

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