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Why public speaking and story telling is essential for your kids?

It is true that most of the children feel nervous and have stage fright when they are asked to come in front of an audience to speak about something. This is quite common in all the kids. It has been observed that only a few kids can comfortably face such situations. But in this age and time, every child should develop a perfect public speaking ability. For this, they need to choose Best Public Speaking Courses and our course can provide this skill set for all the kids.
Communication is the backbone of storytelling. If anyone wants to be a good storyteller , he or she has to be a good public speaker first. In the working world also, public speaking and storytelling skills are vital too.
If you want your kids to become a dynamic public speaker and a terrific storyteller , then sign up now for this course and give your children a perfect platform to learn all of these skills. 

Meet the trainers :

Faizaa Fariya Hridi

- Four years experience as freelance content writer for The Daily Star

- Literary award for best writing, IUB

- IELTS score 8.5

- Four years experience as English and IELTS tutor

Rafeed Elahi Chowdhury

- Cofounder at Torun

- Has published book at Ekushey Boimela, became one the best sellers in self development category

- Certifications from DataCamp, Coursera, IBM and so on. 

Why you should pick this course for your children :

1. Kids will be able to deliver effective classroom presentations.

2. Kids will develop greater comfort when speaking in front of other kids and adults.

3. Kids will find it easy to choose their stories and present it flawlessly.

4. Kids will have confidence while delivering messages in their stories.

5. How to get creative in writing and building a story.

6. The art of speaking and writing while pointing out the main parts of a story.

7. The skill of interpretations while listening , summarizing and in-depth questioning.

8. Choosing own adventures and talking about an effective storyboard.

9. Learning all the elements of public speaking, working forward to become the better versions of themselves.

10. Learning to manage fears and anxiety issues while speaking publicly.

Upskill live online session details :

8 day long series

From 29th October, Monday & Thursday . 6 pm - 7 pm . 

The class size is 10 people per batch.

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