Education - Thu, 15 July, 2021

Upskill Classroom Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary

Upskill Classroom started its journey a year back offering after school programs with an aim to help young learners gain practical knowledge that compliments their academic education. Our Classroom program aims to promote STEM education in Bangladesh through its various offerings of online courses such as coding, programming in different languages, Science, Mathematics, Debating, Presentation etc. We have already taught coding to 200+ kids keeping in line with our plan of promoting STEM education in Bangladesh. Our platform emphasizes bridging the learning gap by putting the students at the core of the experience and turning them into active learners from passive listeners.

At present, the world is entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is closely related to information technology. To succeed in this era, the next generation of students should be taught STEM education from the beginning of their academic years. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education which puts an emphasis on preparing students to be successful in their careers. It has proven to develop analytical ability in kids along with many other essential skills. These skills are set to play an important role in the upcoming tech-driven future.

Through its program offerings, Upskill Classroom has seen the direct positive impact these courses had on its students. It observed that students were becoming more confident and engaging as they cooperated during classwork. These online courses seemed to help them create interest in important skills like coding, debating, presentation etc along with academic subjects. As a result, parents started to see the importance of exposing kids to such learning experiences.

In the last one year, Upskill Classroom has brought 10 trainers onboard, completed 30+ workshops, and served 300+ students. Our biggest milestone has been teaching coding to 200+ students in languages ranging from HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python.

Python stood out as one of our best learning courses, a coding course offered in Bangla which was taught by a university professor from the USA. Upskill Classroom is continuously striving to get the most engaging and passionate teachers on our platform. The team is extremely passionate about engaging with teachers who really want to make an impact. To achieve that goal, Classroom focuses on the curation of teachers. This in return ensures an extremely positive learning experience for its young learners and provides consistency in content delivery.

In order to improve the user journey, Upskill Classroom launched its dedicated website in April 2021 and again redesigned the site in July. It demonstrates our commitment to continuously improve our learning platform to best serve the students. While talking to the Classroom team about their successful journey of one year, a few important insights came out.

Tasfia Fairooz Binte Tarique, Lead, Classroom said, “Upskill Classroom aims to ensure that kids adhere to different futuristic life skills from a very early stage of their lives while having fun. Parents often worry that their kids might be wasting their perfect time to develop basic understandings about important things by sticking to digital devices. We understand their concerns and we decided to do something about it. We wanted to ensure that kids use their digital devices in a productive way so that it can ease their path to success later on in their lives. We put that thought into work and started this Upskill Classroom Initiative.

We have introduced online learning courses ranging from STEM to soft skills to best prepare students for the competitive world we are living in. So far the journey has been a success and with a new dedicated website, and the impact we observed is beyond what we initially expected. We believe that this success will achieve a bigger scale through our continuous effort of reaching new feats.”

Upskill’s learning platform is continuously improving and the team is adding new features so that students find it more convenient to use. Its world-class coding platform allows learners to work with the best learning tools available in the market. It is investing in new curriculum development in an effort to bring more engaging STEM-based content. It also started to offer courses in Bangla to make it accessible to more students.

The team believes that the success of the platform so far has created the base for a better future for Classroom and for the EdTech vertical of the country.

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