Education - Sun, 11 April, 2021

Upskill Launches a New Dedicated Website for Upskill Classroom

Upskill recently launched a dedicated website for its Classroom platform. The new website will provide after school programs for young learners of grade 1-7.

This platform offers students workshops on academic subjects like Science, Mathematics as well as skill-based learnings like coding, debating, public speaking, etc. This platform aims to develop the students’ understanding of the core concepts by engaging content and teachers who love to teach.

A total of 28 workshops has already been added to Upskill Classroom till date. With 8 mentors,and 300+ students already taught during last month, Upskill Classroom is looking forward to welcoming more curious minds. In future, Classroom plans to offer after school programs to traditional schools to compliment academic learning through a partnership model.

Mustafizur R Khan, Founder & CEO of Upskill said, “In the past 7 months, Upskill Classroom has been offering online after school programs that help enrich students' minds and build their self confidence. I started it as an experiment because I wanted to enhance learning for my daughter who is in second grade. After attending many of our online classes, she has become a more confident and engaging young learner. We observed that parents are seeing the importance of exposing kids at an early age to help create interest in Coding, debating, and presentation skills. So far we have taught close to 300 students and our teachers earned a total of BDT 2,36,128 by teaching kids. In order to offer a better user journey, we launched a dedicated site for students and parents. We believe the new site will help to create curious minds who are motivated to learn and in the process become better students.”

Tasfia Fairooz Binte Tarique, Lead, Upskill Classroom and Upskill Library said, “Upskill Classroom aims to ensure that kids adhere to different futuristic life skills from a very early stage of their lives while having fun. Parents often worry that their kids might be wasting their perfect time to develop basic understandings about important things by sticking to digital devices. We understand their concerns and we decided to do something about it. We wanted to ensure that kids use their digital devices in a productive way so that it can ease their path to success later on in their lives. We put that thought into work and started this Upskill Classroom Initiative. So far the journey has been a success and with a new dedicated website, we believe that this success will achieve a bigger scale.”

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