Education - Sun, 21 March, 2021

Meet the Mentor: Jeba Atkia Maisha

Jeba Atkia Maisha served as the Director of Marketing at her departmental club at university. This piqued her interest particularly towards the job that she is currently doing. She is working as a Medical Data Processor at Augmedix Bangladesh. She previously worked in TRI Digital and Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh. Besides, she has tutored students since she was 15 years old. Her parents also work in the same field. Teaching has been, therefore, a part of her life for quite a long time. In her words, she enjoys seeing kids light up when they learn something new.


Jeba Atkia Maisha was awarded the Vice Chancellor certificate for her discipline and academic performance during her residential semester.

In her free time, she usually tries to find out causes that support the education of underprivileged kids and contribute where she can.