Education - Sun, 08 November, 2020

Why is Math important in the early years ?

Mathematics plays a major role in children's early development and helps them make sense of the world around them. Children begin to explore shapes and patterns, compare sizes and recognize numbers as early as the age of 3. When they are about to start school, children use a variety of methods for problem-solving and to talk about their surroundings. Many research suggest that early math skills are a better predictor of academic success than early reading skills in children. However, there is often a lack of emphasis on mathematics for children in our country, and this subject is often taught incorrectly. More often, children are taught numbers through memorising techniques, rather than through logical and problem-solving exercises. As a result, learning to recite numbers from one to ten doe not get kids very far.

In addition to that, remote learning during the pandemic has been limiting the capacity of teaching for many. In crucial time, parents and educators play a very vital role in influencing their children to master all the basics of Mathematics. With these thoughts in mind, Upskill is hosting a 7-day course on Live Online Series “Mathematics for Kids”

If you want your kids to be good with numbers and allow them effective exposure to develop a strong base for learning mathematics, register for our course today!.

What are the benefits for your kids to enrolling in this course?

-  They will be able to overcome their phobia of mathematics

-  They will find basic mathematical practices simpler and less time-consuming.

-  They will gain confidence in taking Math tests and scoring higher!

-  They will master the basics of arithmetic and geometric sequences, and partial sums.

-  They will be able to count verbally, both forward and backwards.

Upskill live online session details : 

Total 7 Classes

Starting from 17th November, every Tuesday & Friday, 7 PM

Meet your Kids’ trainer Jeba Atkia Maisha

- She has more than 6 years of experience in teaching students.

- She is a former Student Mentor at the Office of Academic Advising, BRAC University

- She is currently working as the Community Management Executive at TRI Digital Technologies Ltd. and Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh Ltd

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