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How to get your kids interested in Computer Programming ?

Many of us don’t know that coding games is the best way to teach kids the basics of computer programming. Parents might have little concern about why schools are not trying to teach kids about coding as the world is becoming more digital. This concern is perfectly understandable that’s why we decided to explore the topic in more depth. One thing educators don’t realize that by teaching coding for games is the best way to get kids interested in computer programming.
By keeping that in mind we decided to host and introduce real game programming with professional tools and languages but in a simpler way in this new course. Kids will be learning about coding with subjects that they are already interested in like 3D video games , Minecraft etc. By the end of our course, you will see your kids fist bumping and literally jumping out of their chairs.

If you want your kids to be familiar with computer programming then register for our course today!

What are the benefits for your kids to enrolling in this course?

-  Kids will learn the basics of computer programming.

-  A complete guide to HTML, JavaScript and CSS .

-  Learns will enhance the significance of crafting their games.

-  Kids will learn how to  make simple games, stories and animations using the basics of HTML, Javascript .

-  Participants will gain knowledge on developing characters for their games.

Live Online Series “Storytelling through Coding” details :

8 day long series

From 22nd November Sunday, Monday & Wednesday

The class size is 10 people per batch.

Meet your kids trainer Faizaa Fariya Hridi

_ Trainer certified trainer in BSD coding platform 

– Four years experience as freelance content writer for The Daily Star 

– Literary award for best writing, IUB

– IELTS score 8.5

– Four years experience as English and IELTS tutor

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