Education - Sun, 19 July, 2020

Upskill Launches Online Classroom Management Platform

We know that digital classrooms bring operational  benefits in multiple ways like saving time for faculty, storing and analyzing the academic data, and engaging the students in digital culture. However most schools were not prepared for the change, but during the pandemic many schools in Bangladesh were forced to pursue the digital transformation. Most schools adopted the free platforms available online but those come with limitations especially from an administration perspective. Upskill has developed a brand new online classroom management platform called Upskill Classroom (UC) to address this problem. 

UC makes it easy for learners and teachers to connect through its online school system and is accessible from any device. It also offers a strong administrative control for the Institution to have a complete overview of teachers and students work. With help from UC, a school admin can create online classes for teachers, so that they could focus on teaching students. 

While comparing Upskill Classroom (UC) with the popular Google Classroom, the creator of UC mentioned few interesting features that it adopted by taking feedback from local teachers which are as follows-

  • A complete separate student and teacher profile
  • Class assignment management
  • Calendar and routine features to easily track classes 
  • Overall school management by the Institution therefore no need of creating classes like google classroom for every subject
  • Integrated  video conference platform which includes white board, online-polling, screen share and other collaborative tools 

While the basic features are completely free to use, Upskill offers advanced paid features like additional storage, Zoom integration and unlimited number of students and teachers for platform access. The Upskill team also added that they can integrate its own video platform “E-meet” in their classroom management platform as a paid feature which offers a real life classroom experience. Upskill plans to launch a second version in next two months where the interface will be updated and will bring additional new features. 
One of the Senior Tech Team members of Upskill stated, “The biggest challenge was to develop a simple yet powerful platform in a short period of time for teachers and students to manage classwork and assignments.  For that, we emphasized on collecting feedback from instructors from various institutions. The feedback was a significant part of the development process. We made changes to our platform continuously based on the reviews and will continue to do so in the future.” 
The Upskill Classroom is live now and anybody can test the demo product by visiting 

If any school or university is interested to use the platform then it can simply sign up at  to get free access to Upskill Classroom. For sales query kindly reach out to Maureen at 01714053213 or, email at 

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